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About Jaiwin Star Enterprise

Jaiwin Star Enterprise is a team of professional counselor and trainers, lead by Mr. Ajay Singh Gaur who is professional Trainer and Crest Certified Counselor for DMIT Specific, Crest is CBSE Impaneled organisation for education and training in CBSE school's teachers, staff and even for students in working professional and education line. Jaiwin Star Enterprise is the only Institute in Rajasthan from Crest Certified Counselor for DMIT and that is a surety of perfect and actual counselling of your DMIT report.



About DMIT

DMIT is Scientific revolution to answer your questions on your future prospects, your real inborn talent can be disclose by DMIT, DMIT is Dermatoglyph Multiple Intelligent  Test, which processed with finger print scanning and generating report with Its specific counting. It is well known truth that only our finger prints are unique in our human body which can not be same in two different people and each one of us has unique count of there specific numbers, Hence DMIT is more accurate to report your actual inborn talent.





About Services

In your DMIT you can know the real inborn talent in you, it can help you to choose your career options, your future path, even you can know what lack in your brain and by the suggested remedies you can overcome with lacking skills, it can help you in your job, you will know the potential talent in you and that will boost  your confidence level, even it can help you in your relations, you can understand your partner well and also make him or her understand you better, with your child DMIT you can know what are the prospects in your child.




About Team

Jaiwin Star Enterprise is the only team in nation with maximum numbers of DMIT Counselors Jaiwin star Enterprise can provide Multiple report and Counselling Single Day that too with fully conversational and confident remedies for lacking skills. Team professionally managed by Mr. Ajay singh Gaur who is having more than 20 Yrs in professional Trainning  experience and skills development. So you are meeting the most experienced and expert team for your DMIT.


DMIT Introduction

Don’t Play with your child’s Life

Let them do what best they can do

    Get their DMIT Report and see the Inborn Potential they have

In india Morethan 1 Lac Students commit sucide  Due to Education Pressor, because most of them have choosen the subject what their parents suggested, do you know that you can get the information on in what subject your child and do better and in which career  option your child can do better, don’t put extra pressure on study just pay little to get DMIT report and than guide your child on the path of success.

                               We can have healthy relations with no domestic wars, most of domestic voilance  heppan due to lack of understanding between two partners, DMIT can stop these small wars, How? Well DMIT determains the level of understanding and potential power the partner have and that too inborn. If you know the level of understanding and the level of potential talent lack in person you could understand them perfectly and act accordingly. And if act according to understanding level there will be no issues understanding.

                                Employers these days struggle to recruit the right person on right position, because  the selection process and the way candidate presents themselves in interview are more similar to each other, Once you have the candidate appointmented you got to know that the selection was not proper.  These processes  takes the huge amount of personal attention, time and money but still with no result, What DMIT can do In this ? DMIT report should be mandatory to be attached along with Resume so that you can well understannd the potentia of candicate and you can choose to have them in your team or at what working area and level you recruit them. When you know the people with inborn talent you can easily recruit them at perfect position.

                                       So the DMIT is necessary and important report that everyone should have know yourself first than know the world, if you know each other you will act accordingly and you could be more successful.

How ? What is the process to conduct DMIT for yourself.

Call Our Team

If you are Visiting the site before DMIT Learning Session you have to call or mail our team on given numbers to book a advance schedule of DMIT Test for yourself or for entire team.

Meeting with you

As per your Schedule appoint our team will meet or ask  to visit our office as decided to have your DMIT.

Data Collection

Our team will collect DMIT data such as personal information and finger-print scanning and send it to lab for testing

Counseling of report

After report collection report will be send to Lab and after report we will meet you for counseling


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